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Madeleine Chalfant Designs

Tania Bowers

luminous skin. Hair and Makeup by Tania Bowers
photo: Silversalt Photography

photo: Silversalt Photography

Madeleine Chalfant lives up in the Blue Mountains, NSW and I recently worked with her and Jennifer of Silversalt Photography for her jewelry designs. Madeleine's work is inspired by nature and she uses all sorts of wonderful things to imprint on her silver leaving organic designs and highly textured pieces. Her work is beautiful , artistic and oh so very comfortable   ( I must say I'm not much of  jewelry wearer unless it's easy to wear-which it is in this case ).

The model had beautiful skin and sometimes that's all that needs to be focused on. Many people choose eyes 'or' lips but I say get skin up on the list, when someone has perfect skin, feature it!

I'm Feeling very connected to other artists up here and I love a project so things have been A O K  ♥ ♥ ♥