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Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks
Wedding Lipstick Blogpost

I'm fairly new to Instagram. I've been on it in a personal way as I have more friends outside Australia than in ( though that scale is tipping perhaps, possibly, I don't know actually ) but now I'm really on it - checking things out, exploring and understanding the wonders of Instalife.

I recently came across a company that has taken a simple idea and run with it, as WE ARE ALWAYS GETTING RIPPED OFF IN AUSTRALIA for nearly everything we consume but very drastically makeup and beauty/ hair products.

As a makeup artist who used to live in the States and purchased well known high quality lipsticks for $5-$10 a pop there is no way no how I'm going to be spending $40 for the very same product just because I live on a big island.

But I've discovered an Australian based company called SHANGHAI SUZY making very good quality, well received , fashionable lipsticks and I'll be able to order them in for my clients who would like them . This is handy for brides who want touch up's all through the day and into the evening.  One giant step in the right direction ! THANKS SS.