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Madeleine Chalfant Designs

Tania Bowers

luminous skin. Hair and Makeup by Tania Bowers
photo: Silversalt Photography

photo: Silversalt Photography

Madeleine Chalfant lives up in the Blue Mountains, NSW and I recently worked with her and Jennifer of Silversalt Photography for her jewelry designs. Madeleine's work is inspired by nature and she uses all sorts of wonderful things to imprint on her silver leaving organic designs and highly textured pieces. Her work is beautiful , artistic and oh so very comfortable   ( I must say I'm not much of  jewelry wearer unless it's easy to wear-which it is in this case ).

The model had beautiful skin and sometimes that's all that needs to be focused on. Many people choose eyes 'or' lips but I say get skin up on the list, when someone has perfect skin, feature it!

I'm Feeling very connected to other artists up here and I love a project so things have been A O K  ♥ ♥ ♥


Tania Bowers

Natural Blue Mountains Bride
Photograph by Jeff Davies

Photograph by Jeff Davies

Technically I'm still very new to the Blue Mountains, not even a year yet. That means I can go on like a little child trying to make you celebrate their birthday everyday. I'll start this blog with the last wedding I took part in. It was a beautiful sunny winter's day in Blackheath and Kim and her partner Chad (both from Texas) decided to elope and found Parklands accommodation the perfect place to stay. Kim loves makeup (she showed me her makeup bag !!!) we actually did more of the natural look than she usually does, ie less contouring and coverage. possibly a bit more than I would have done though ( that's called compromise ). Sometimes, it's better to do less on your wedding day. In years to come you want to look back and recognize yourself, I think as we age we really become more comfortable with who we are. Sadly, the negativity around getting older is always present especially in the land of beauty. But I'm going to go against the grain here. I think we relax into ourselves and there is way more acceptance - on the whole. It's something to keep in mind when you plan your wedding day. These two eloped which is a very smart thing to do for some of us. They didn't want to feel pressured or live up to anyone else's expectations, and they got to travel to the other side of the world . Brilliant.