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On location in the Blue Mountains Hair and Makeup Wedding Service.


Blue Mountains Bridal Makeup

 Natural Bridal Makeup

Illustration by Adam Dal Pozzo

Natural makeup is what I get asked about most often. If you’re worried about being overdone you won’t find that here.

There is, however, a balance to strike. The camera (and associated) lighting strips colour from your face, so as a general rule you have to wear a bit more makeup than you anticipated for a natural look – so that you look just as lovely in the photographs.

In order to achieve this, I make sure the makeup I use matches your skin tone and that everything is blended properly. Matching the makeup to suit you is the part of makeup artistry I enjoy the most.



Illustration by Adam Dal Pozzo

Makeup for specific ethnicities is something I have often been asked about. Being from a multi-ethnic family, I've had a lifetime of experience with different hair textures and skin tones. I have worked with many Asian brides, Indian brides and African brides…and all the mixes between. Each one is as different to the next.

For skin tones I have always mixed together different colours to get exact matches. People also vary season to season so it’s wise to never rely on one foundation.

For more elaborate makeup, a trial is a really good idea, often traditional Indian glamour takes longer and it’s wise to test colour combinations.

There are many types of Asian eye shapes and eyelids, depending on the combination I treat them differently.

I tend to do a bit more face contouring and depending on proportions I will emphasize the eyes or brows.



Illustration by Adam Dal Pozzo

Vintage-inspired makeup is a world of its own because every era requires different techniques. My makeup education was based in film so it’s something I’ve been doing from the very beginning.

Vintage makeup always begins with great brows, often varying largely decade to decade but always strong and face defining.

Usually there is a more matte look (satins and iridescent colours were only discovered or invented later in the 1960s).

If we were doing 1940s we would most definitely do a pronounced cupids bow whereas the next generations were doing a much softer bowed lip.